Author’s Note: Unfortunately I just can’t recommend utilizing Zell. She starts off quite powerful and her Limit Breaks are quite varied and versatile. These summons also have a list of abilities and commands which they can learn through gaining AP points in battles while being junctioned. google_ad_width = 146; A listing of spells and their junction effects in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, PlayStation Network, PS, PS1, PSX, PSN) Irvine is known as the “Best Shooter in Garden” His reputation for cherishing the company of women in almost as well known as his accuracy with a gun. How to Obtain Lion Heart: Despite being stupidly powerful, Squall’s Lionheart weapon can be acquire relatively early in the game, although the process can be rather involved. Train Train, Take Us Away, Take Us Away, Far Away, To The Future, We Will Go, Where it Leads, No One Knows. At heart however, he is an honest, dedicated young man. Final Fantasy VIII tweaked the summon formula somewhat by re-branding them as Guardian Forces (GFs for short) and each creature, once obtained, could be “junctioned” to individual characters which resulted in new abilities and stat boosts in addition to the summoning attack itself. Squall and Rinoa. Final Fantasy VIII Characters (Extensive) Quiz Stats - By forehead7 play quizzes ad-free Maximize Your Stats! Each GF can learn different Stat-J abilities, so it’s important to spread GFs as to get an even spread. Use the Junction. Serving as the pseudo-antagonist of the first half of Final Fantasy VIII, Edea quickly redeems herself in the eyes of players after it's revealed that her body was nothing more than a puppet for the real big baddie, Ultimecia.. Edea joins the party temporarily with really high magic stats, however her physical stats are pretty dismal in comparison. Not being one to think matters through, he is known to act on impulse rather than reasoning. Junctioning a GF will allow you to equip magic to that specific stat. Released in 1999, it is the eighth main installment in the Final Fantasy series. //-->, Train Train, Take Us Away, Take Us Away, Far Away, To The Future, We Will Go, Where it Leads, No One Knows. Character Editor is a tool for Final Fantasy VIII, created by official developers of the game, that allows you to modify your characters in the game, including their stats and equipment. Selphie seems out of place in a military academy because of her innocent appearance and light-hearted personality. Stat Junction (Stat-J) : Passive abilities that, when the GF is equipped to a character, allow that character to junction (equip) magic to their stats. Final Fantasy VIII Characters Quiz Stats - By Owen play quizzes ad-free Quistis, Selphie and Zell serve to act as their Greek Chorus.Think Star Trek, where Kirk, Spock and Bones were the main characters, but Scotty, Sulu, Uhura and Chekov existed only to make these three leads more interesting. Tips and Precautions 7. Hi there .I'm here to share some information that I found out about FFVIII that I thought some people might find useful. Copyright Square 1999. Although he seems to be uncaring and frivolous at first glance, in reality he is sensitive and serious. Contrary to her cool exterior, she occasionally has a difficult time coping with frustration, and as a result can become depressed over trivial matters.